Martin Despang

“Practicator Martin Despang practices what he teaches / teaches what he practices with his glocal family firm Despang Architekten searching global challenges seeking local solutions : diversity of human activity informing exemplary building type case studies generating a system of human proletarian wellbeing through people and planet friendly prototyping.” Chris van Uffelen, author of Despang Architekten / Inklusive Architektur

Diplom Ingenieur Architekt Martin Despang born, raised, and trained by his social climatically tempered European fabric, moved on to the more extremely tempered continental US in Nebraska, hot arid desert of Arizona to the tropics of Hawaiʻi to fully comprehend how climate informs culture.

Rooted in his recognized: and received: in North and South America, Asia, and Europe Critical Practice of Despang Architekten: as a laboratory to develop people and planet friendly environments from their urban macro to their architectural micro and his Practical Critique showmastery of his cable TV program “human[e] architecture” Martin’s Coaching of the emerging architectural generation has produced some of the most progressively provocative propositions for a more social housing in Hawaiʻi a selection of herewith being exhibited at the University of Hawaiʻi School of Architecture’s Haigo & Irene Shen Gallery

Reception photos by: Aaron Yoshino